Envelopes & Postcards



All 1st time customers receive 5 bonus fold-over envelopes with each 25 ordered.

I take pride and put quality in each wallpaper envelope I make and I am sure you will not be disappointed with your purchase.

I PAY ALL SHIPPING COSTS. First Class for 25 and Priority Mail on 50+

Business #10 & Large Greeting Card (8-5/8 X 5-5/8)
Assorted Designs & Textures (all one size or combine)

25 – $ 9.00
50 – $17.00
100 – $33.00

“Fold-Over” Wallpaper Envelopes (various GC sizes)

(These are made of the same eye catching wp designs)

25 – $ 7.00butterfly
50 – $13.00
100 – $25.00

Need a Gift for a fellow sweeper? I can send envelopes or a Gift Certificate in the amount you choose.


Call if you have any questions or wish to expedite your order: 815-436-6895
I accept money orders or Paypal. (Paypal address is: kingw195@comcast.net)

Email orders to: wendysenvies@comcast.net

Mail orders & payment to:

Wendy L King (ss)
15321 S Heritage Drive
Plainfield IL 60544-1442



Hi all! I just received a wonderful assortment of postcards. More than I’ll be able to use in 50 years of sweeping = )

Seems like more and more sweeps are requiring postcards so I thought I would pass my beautiful postcards on to my fellow sweepers for a great deal! For $13.00 ( I’ll pay Priority shipping ) I’ll send you a beautiful assortment of 130 watercolor type painting postcards. If you order more than one package Ill throw in some other sweeping goodies.

If your interested you can email me at: emarsh2325@aol.com

I accept U.S. Money Orders, personal checks ( funds must clear) or Paypal.

Checks can be directly mailed to:
CE Marshall
325 SW 141st Street
Oklahoma City, OK 73170


Scrapbook Paper/Calendar Envelopes

Beautiful hand-crafted envelopes from your choice of either scrapbook paper or calendar pages in #10 or greeting card size. You can mix and match papers and sizes. 30 envelopes for $15 – includes shipping.

Please make check/money order payable to:
Gwen Keating
21860 West Outer Drive
Dearborn, MI 48124

Gwennysue@att.net – for free samples or questions.


Metallic and embossed foil envelopes and Postcards

  • Map Envelopes
  • Wallpaper Envelopes
  • Animal Print Envelopes
  • And More!

Enter my drawing for a free candle!

Sweet Clicks Envelopes
Eye-catching winning foil and embossed foil handmade envelopes
SweetClicks@aol.com for more information and pricing

Sweet Clicks Metallic Envelopes and Postcards