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I’ve been entering sweepstakes for over 45 years and found that to do an adequate job of finding and entering sweepstakes is to have a good newsletter that had gone through the trouble of reading the rules and giving us the facts to enter a sweepstakes without much ado.  Knowing this I’ve subscribed to just about every newsletter that was published over the years – watching them come and go out of business.  Then one day I found a new publication called “Sweeping America”.  I decided to give it a try and was immediately thrilled by finding this new gold mine of information!!!  I’ve been with Sweeping America ever since and it is rated at the top of my sweeping list.  I actually make sure that every Thursday I get to my computer to print out their latest issue which keeps me busy for the next couple of days entering my sweepstakes!!!  I love the fact that they scan for the sweepstakes that can be entered by snail mail, although now-a-days many sweeps can be entered both ways.  Sweeping America also has a section on their website call “Goldrush” with even more sweepstakes to enter.  You literally can use this newsletter as your only newsletter because they can keep you busy right up and through the next publication date.  I love the fact that they print good solid useful sweepstakes and don’t just fill the newsletter with what I call “garbage or low value” sweepstakes.  I’ve had chances to interact with publishers, Judy and Donna, with questions, suggestions, etc. and they are two of the nicest people that you would want to meet!!  If you haven’t tried Sweeping America you don’t know what you are missing!!  Definitely give it a try..its format is easy to understand and even the sweeping “newbie” will understand what to do to enter and will be winning in no time……..those of us who have already found this gem have already been winning……Sweeping America has won me some nice trips and prizes that weren’t found anywhere else!!!



I’ve always loved Sweeping America ever since my very first issue with your mom!!  Now, Oh My Gosh, do I ever love it more.  See I’m an old-timer sweeper with this being my 52nd year of sweeping.  I started when I was 17 years old trying to win a car on the radio …. and this year, thanks to Sweeping America, I realized that dream as I was awarded the Grand Prize in the Honda Dream Sweepstakes.  It ran for one year and I received only an email with the attachments to fill out and return right away, no notarization needed, so I filled it out in the middle of the night and sent it off.

I was allowed to select the model and custom build the Honda of my choice up to $30,000.  I was tossed between an SUV and a pickup truck, so the SUV won after much thinking.  I selected a 2018 Honda CR-V and wanted all-wheel drive and heated seats so I upgraded to the EXL model, which was a little over $2,000.  Then I had to pay sales tax and registration.  I already set some income tax money aside so I’m ready to see that bill.  I do subscribe to several newsletters, but save my issues and to the best of my knowledge it was only listed in Sweeping America.  I sent in 129 USPS postcards (which I had won at one of the conventions) and spread them over the entire year it was running.  I received the car on December 15, 2018 and I love it….oh my, it is so awesome.  It has so many bells and whistles on it that this is the first time I ever had to pull out the car manual to read up on things.  Plus I’ve sat through a couple of u-tube videos and found some more goodies on the car like a simple change-around in the console and I have a place to put my purse, so it don’t fall on the floor like in the past.  Thank you, thank you to you and Judy for an awesome newsletter.  I’ve met both of you in person at the conventions and corresponded with you are two of the greatest people I’ve met.

I’ve won other prizes, too many to list, from Sweeping America and I plan to win many, many more….like a cruise is on my Wish List now and a trip to the Super Bowl in 2020.

Thanks for making such great things happen.  Only in sweeping!!!

~Carol McLaughlin